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    Parallels is a new technology solution replacing the old Cloud Server system totally. Cloud Server is a combination of Parallels Cloud Storage and Parallels Containers and Parallels Hypervisor which will remarkable improve the degree of confidence, the highly instantaneous availability and the performance of Server. Parallels Cloud Server helps you eliminate Server downtime due to damaged hardware and the hard disk storage can overcome the limitation of a physical server.

    The main components include:
    + Cloud Storage is the storage System having advanced technology of Parallels, can help enhance the highly instantaneous availability, performance and safety data as well as extend the storage capacity of Cloud Server by distributed Storage and using Solid-State Drive (SSD). This storage System operates based on the principle of utilizing storage capacity over all Server or Hardware. Ever after, there is a combination in order to establish a clustered storage System (Cloud Storage) which can replace SAN system and overcome the defect as a bottleneck because of focus connection encountering often in SAN system. This is a solution eliminating the risk of data loss totally owing to damaged hardware or RAID management module of one server or more. It’s thanks to data replication mechanism and self- recovery of data in Server (Node) operating. All of Cloud Server are kept as archives in Parallels Cloud Storage.

    + Cloud VPS is a Cloud Sever working based on the virtualization technology of Virtuozzo Containers of Parallels. It provides a virtualization layer that is responsible for distributing system resource for all of the virtual machine (VM) called “Containers”. The virtualization layer helps maximize the performance of Cloud VPS and increase the performance of the application by 50% and reduce rental costs of Cloud VPS. It only uses Linux and does not reload Kernel, this help you use the resource of Cloud VPS to join to dealt with the service and application instead of having to divide the resource for maintaining the operation of the operating system.

    + Cloud Server is a Cloud Sever working based on the virtualization technology in the hardware level called “Hypervisors”. The resources of Parallels Cloud Server include CPU, RAM, system file and operating system, etc. All of them independent operate in each Server. This help Cloud Server work as a delicate Server and support multiple operating systems as Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu, etc, and is committed the real resource. With the strength of Cloud Computing, Parallels Cloud Server is completely faster, better and stronger than other dedicated Servers.


    Cloud Server system uses the strength of the combination of a lot of Hardware Node (each Node is each Server) instead of a unique Server. Therefore, this makes speeds of the server service on Cloud Computing have generally been several times faster than normal shared server.
    Cloud Server system can help you create and own a Server with a great configuration including 32 CPU, 128 GB RAM, and 16 TB storage capacity.

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