How does the Cloud Computing

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    How does the Cloud Computing
    How does the Cloud Computing help Hollywood?

    When the Hunger Games released in March 2012, it really created a strong storm of many box office and it earned about $150 million in revenue in the first week released.[​IMG]

    These films had attracted many people. It was such a great film. Unfortunately, issuing the second film could until 20 months after issuing the first.
    With a long time, the CEO was afraid that the fan of the film would not care about it or impact with the competition with other films. In the highly competitive industry like that, time is really an important factor to decide the film is successful or not. But they did not worry about that because of the appearance of a savior, it named the Cloud Computing.
    Cloud computing: is cloud a savior or a disruptor?
    When the files, the data, and the images have become more complex and had the large capacity, the media service suppliers will have to spend much time and power on development, transfer, storage, and optimization them.

    The Cloud Computing is a savior.[​IMG]

    The public Cloud Computing service is a place where provides these solutions. Providing the collaborative ecosystem in which the service providers is able to work together under one roof to improve the efficiency of their services, including many tasks such as converting the files, encoding or transcoding, moving and storing the big files.
    The new technology will help lots of industries such as education, and cinema.
    The Cloud Computing has the fast responsiveness, instant access, and can enhance the cooperation with the media industry. For example, the media companies are able to bring the server up their requirement that are needed to meet the immediate demand, and after then take them down when it’s not necessary for them.
    The fast responsiveness of the Cloud Computing is a great idea for the media industry when the data explosion occurs. It allows the companies to save the costs and time by only using the power that they require in the short time.
    The geographical distance is no longer a problem.
    Moreover, with the Cloud Computing, the geographical distance is no longer a problem as long as they have the good Internet connection.
    Finally, as many media companies would like to utilize the Cloud Computing, the cooperation opportunities will only increase more value and the common benefit for all of the organization taking part in. Meanwhile, the audiences will have many chances to enjoy many new films faster than ever before because nobody would like to wait until 20 months in order to watch the next episodes of the Hunger Games.

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