Troubleshoot basic hardware

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    Troubleshoot basic hardware
    The hardware malfunction always is a big problem with users using computers. In some cases, we can overcome ourselves, but other cases we can’t do it and have to take our computers to the computer repair service.
    Your computer will appear many problems through a time utilized, the devices have trouble alternately, they sometimes don’t work and even make you crazy when they turn off or lag. Therefore, let’s figure out some frequent hardware errors in order to know the reason why the computer suddenly gets some trouble like that.
    In the article, we will recommend RAM that is a common hardware error.
    This is a very common reason leading the computer malfunction such as it’s impossible to start the computer or run slowly or hang up suddenly. However, RAM error also causes how the user uses. In a lot of cases, the computer user bought and adjusted RAM unsuitable so as to start the computer (e.g. the mainboard only supports RAM DDR2, but you use RAM DRR3).
    Besides, the malfunction also derives from RAM has to work too much by running many applications at the same time or encroaching software such as hack speed. Thus, you should check RAM if your computer gets some troubles such as the computer is hung although it is running very light programs or when your computer sounds “beep” consecutively while staring.
    Please check the contact of RAM, remove to clean it and embed it solidly. If you are using two RAMs, you should test each RAM because it’s possible that one of two RAMs has the error. In order to more ensure, you should use some programs checking the capacity and state of RAM.

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